Thin Film Deposition Coating

Thin Film Deposition Coatings

Infrared (IR) Coatings

  • IR Applications

    Infrared (IR) is a thin film optical coating optimized for the infrared spectrum, between 2.5μm and 16μm. Optical thin films are vacuum deposited on the substrate to enhance the coated device's performance. Ferson provides a variety of infrared thin film coatings for defense hardware, industrial components, medical equipment, and infrared imaging systems.

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings

  • AR Applications

    Anti-reflective (AR) is a thin film coating applied to optical surfaces to reduce the amount of light reflected. AR coatings are used for optical applications where the coating is applied to the front of an interface between air and a lens, glass barrier, or for use with mirrors. AR coatings maximize the amount of light that transmits through the surface while minimizing the light lost to reflection.

Custom Coatings

  • Custom Applications

    Custom thin film deposition coatings often support numerous simultaneous requirements. Ferson can custom coat to meet most specifications for end user components. Ferson can provide its own designs made to spec or consult directly with the client to develop custom coating applications in order to meet their needs.

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