Ferson's capabilities have evolved to meet the ever changing technological requirements of its customers. Ferson works at the prototype level and full production level. We help our customers develop their projects into products.

Core capabilities include:

  • Plano optics

    • Configurations: Custom
      Diameters: from 2.0mm to 300mm
      Surface Accuracy: to 1/10 wave
      Cosmetics: to 10/5
      Parallel: ≤ ½ second

    • Materials: standard optical glasses, fused silica, germanium, silicon, sapphire

  • CNC

    • Expanded capabilities for spherical optics, prototype-to-production, optics for UV, Visible, and IR

    • Sizes from 7 mm to 80 mm Diameter

      Thickness ± .01mm

      Diameter ± .01mm

      Irregularity 1/4λ production, 1/10λ small quantity

      Cosmetics to 10-5

  • Assemblies

    • doublets, triplets, beamsplitters, eyepieces, focusing and zoom lenses, video couplers, telescopes, electro/optical

  • Spherical optics

    • Diameters: 4 to 225mm
      Radii: 1mm to Infinity
      Surface Quality: to 10/5
      Irregularity: to 1/8λ
      Tolerances: to 10 μm
      Test Plates: over 4000

    • Materials: standard optical glasses, fused silica, germanium, silicon

  • Prisms

    • right angle, roof, rhomboid, penta, poro, cubes

  • Coatings

    • IR coatings, antireflective, beamsplitters, mirrors, filters, coatings for plastic components